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G&G Airsoft Sale On All Items In Store

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Major Airsoft Armaments is celebrating our grand online store opening by giving you, the customer, the opportunity to save 10% on all items purchased through our online store. As a way to show our excitement and break into the market, we have decided that all items on our online store are on sale with the use of the following coupon. Don't hesitate to share this news with your friends and family so you can all take advantage of the savings on our store. Purchase new gear, or upgrade for superior performance, we've got it all at Major Airsoft Armaments.

Are LIPO Batteries better than NIMH?

By |2017-02-17T15:45:38+00:00February 17th, 2017|Batteries|

All batteries are composed of cells assembled in rows. The starting point of a battery is it’s cell. For an NiMh, the cell is always rated at 1.2 volts per cell and for a LiPo it’s starts at 3.7 volt. A battery is composed of two characteristics: The voltage and the amperage. The higher the voltage, the faster the motor will turn, therefor the harder the gun will shoot. But be careful, A battery that is too high of a voltage could damage the piston and the components of your gearbox.

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