Itchy trigger finger pain in airsoft. Yes, its a real problem.

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You’re an airsoft warrior. Your kill to death ratio is elite earning you the fear from your peers. You have some of the most legendary airsoft guns known to man. You’re so good in fact that they give you a nickname that has something to do with a GOAT. If and when there is a professional league, your name would top the MVP list. Hall of fame maybe? Then it suddenly hits you. After years of delivering world-class headshots worthy of viral YouTube fame, your trigger finger begins hurting you. What the heck? 

G&G GC16 Predator M4 – Hunter Green

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The G&G GC16 Predator M4 - Hunter falls squarely in G&G’s intermediate lineup as one of their predator rifles, right between the combat machines and the GT advanced lineup. Most of you are likely quite familiar with the combat machines, as they are usually the go-to gun type that comes to mind when it comes to G&G. However, this model proves that they have quite a few different types to offer, namely tons of rifles with lots of variation in their intermediate and GT lineups, some being power bodies, while this model is full metal tip to tip.

10 Rules You Should Know Before Starting Your Airsoft Adventure.

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1. The parties must play only on private and approved grounds, with the written authorisation of the owner in possession of the land or location. To trespass on property, abandoned building or public parks, for example, are grave offences. 2. Under no circumstances will players display their gun replicas in public view (except at a special event such as a convention or license airsoft fields). In any situation (even at home, in his or her backyard), vigilance is a must.

What Airsoft BB’s Should You Choose?

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The ammunition used in airsoft are small little plastic balls called BB's. They come in different weights, sizes, materials and colours. They are usually composed of plastic, but they are also available with a biodegradable compound. Plastic BB's are often used indoors as for the Biodegradable BB's are used for outdoors. A good quality BB is perfectly round, smooth and consistent throughout each batch. Typically a brightly coloured BB is easier to trace than your typical airsoft BB's.


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