Below is a list of questions that we are frequently asked by our newer players. Hopefully they will be helpful before your first game!

My Airsoft gun has a leak, what do I do?

Most of CO2 leaks are caused by a detached, crushed or deformed O ring or the intake valve. They tend to break the seal between the CO2 canister and the actual CO2 or gas intake. This is usually caused by not using a silicone base oil on a regular basis. You can also verify and make sure the screw near the CO2 valve is tight and not damaged.

How do I charge my Airsoft gun with CO2 or propane?

Filling up your Airsoft gun is very like filling up a butane lighter. Remove the cartridge from the airsoft gun and add some silicone oil where the opening of the CO2 cartridge is inserted. Refill the cartridge with the head of the canister facing downwards.

Some Airsoft guns use a disposable CO2 cartridges. This is a common use for Airsoft pistols. They typically come in 0.12 g cartridges and can easily be found at a hardware store or even kitchen stores.

How long should I leave the cartridge in for?

Do not leave the CO2 cartridge in for a long period (IE. days). The pressure stored in the chamber could potentially damage the intake. It is unfortunate to empty the cartridge after a day’s use, but it is for the best interest of the gun’s components.

My gas-powered Airsoft stopped working during winter time, is that normal?

Yes, this is a normal characteristic of CO2 powered airsoft, especially if the airsoft is made of metal. The metal will conduct the cold very easily in which it can freeze the internal mechanisms of the airsoft. The first component to freeze is usually the valve. Once it freezes, compressed air no longer enters the chamber causing it to stop firing.

How many BB’s can I shoot with one CO2 cartridge?

It varies from different models. A blowback or non-blowback models will also make a difference in how long your cartridge will last. A blowback model uses the CO2 compression to give the gun a bit of a recoil therefore using more CO2 in the long run. The amount of BB’s will vary from about 80 to 250 BB’s per cartridge. Try to use some silicone lubrication on your moving parts to create less friction thus requiring a little less CO2.