The G&G GC16 Predator M4 – Hunter falls squarely in G&G’s intermediate lineup as one of their predator rifles, right between the combat machines and the GT advanced lineup. Most of you are likely quite familiar with the combat machines, as they are usually the go-to gun type that comes to mind when it comes to G&G. However, this model proves that they have quite a few different types to offer, namely tons of rifles with lots of variation in their intermediate and GT lineups, some being power bodies, while this model is full metal tip to tip.

Externals & Build

To begin with, the rail is absolutely the coolest part of this rifle. It looks sort of like a dragon or a snake on the end, while still looking very tough and non-tacky. There are teeth running through the top and the bottom, and even what look like eyes if one looks closely enough. All in all, the design gives the gun a very neat look. Feature-wise, we begin with the recessed flash hider towards the bottom, which includes the threads should one choose to put on a suppressor, namely one of a smaller diameter. Once put on, it ends up looking very cool; almost as if it is ‘biting’ around it. Towards the top of the gun, there is room for everything you get included, such as the flip-up front and rear sites, the imitation gas block and gas tube underneath. This is a fantastic touch for an intermediate rifle, with tons of key mod rail sections which allow you to put whatever you’d like to onto the rails. We’d definitely recommend you make sure extras you pick up are from the airsoft spec version, as they are often cheaper than those of millspec. The rail itself is held in place by two small screws on the inside in a sort of free float. This stepped up design is definitely very impressive, as it is something you’d get on a real AR.

Moving onto the upper receiver, you will find all the normal features you’d expect, although one of note is the double ambi style charging handle. If it is moved to the right side, it will move to the left, and vice versa, making this the gun for you regardless of whether you are a righty or a lefty. This gun especially gets a recommendation for all of the lefties out there. Even the mag release is ambi, allowing you to use the mag and fire selector on your left or your right. However, the left has been slightly ‘chopped’ sotospeak, to ensure it doesn’t pierce into the hand of a righty (but this isn’t the case vice versa for lefties).

On the side of the gun, you will find all of the markings, including a unique serial number, recess fire selector markings and a neat little fire selector. G&G, by adding so many detailed features, is encouraging the process of design upgrade and attention to detail, making their guns look extra premium, even adding several details to the trigger guard. There is very intricate color coordination between the grip and the stock, even with the unique colors available in the different models, which in and of itself is a major feat. The stock itself is the designed according to the new G&G style, which locks right into place, and can be popped open, making it very hard to crack it loose. You can then set the position you want and then snap it into place. There is also a little battery compartment that pops down the bottom, allowing you to store extra batteries or whatever else you’d like (including snacks!). A very large rubber buttpad is present as well, so when you press the button it swivels to the side, meaning you’re not going to lose it in case you want to get your battery. Of course, you have all the battery space that you’ll need inside, with only a small amount of space being occupied by something we’ll come back to in the Internals. Before we get to them, however, one feature left to mention are the high caps, which G&G have again done a lot to upgrade. The rubberized grip around the side of the high cap makes it very easy to get a hold of, while also being not too large such that you can’t get into the standard actual mag pouch. Due to this, you should expect the high caps to get about 330 or so rounds in there, with a wheel in the bottom in order to give you all the ammo that you will need.


Under the hood you will find the intermediate mechbox from G&G, namely a metal shell, metal gears, a metal cylinder and really all the features that you would expect in a very well-built intermediate gun. This also includes a plastic hop-up which has green dials on the standard models. If there is any feature we could change, it would be that of the hop ups. Although they are quite good, the dial type to lock into place that more companies are moving towards are certainly more ideal. However, when we actually used this gun, we didn’t have any trouble knocking people down at range, so don’t be discouraged about the hop up. Without any doubt though, the crown jewel of the Internals are the new electronic trigger system included in this gun, which will give a full MOSFET type in the buffer tube. This was the feature mentioned earlier that took up a little bit of space, but still not enough that you can’t fit a two tight battery in there, or even a triple lipo, which we used to do ourselves. The rate of fire can be seen inside the dock, which is no problem as they give a ton of space, especially while having the electronic trigger system, which gives a perfect semi-auto file with the MOSFET driven electronic trigger system semi-auto, a very rare feature to find.

Chrono Test

As promised, we took the gun out to the Chrono, which resulted in 340 FPS, perfect for those of you who want to play with this gun either indoors or outdoors, as well as those who want to tune it up. This model can easily be bumped up with a simple spring change, which can bring it up to the 400 mark, assuming you want to go that high. Personally, we found even 350 guns are highly competitive in outdoor play, especially with the way we play and the engagement distance. Indoors, this gun is going to shine as well, especially with the ROF of mid to low 20s per second, 11 120 feet G&G lipo [MOODY}. Essentially speaking, this thing is a BB hose. Even if you aren’t a full auto fan, this is no issue since you can trigger the semi auto response and shot time between shots, which is going to be very small and will feel quite nice and crisp. This is definitely a gun built for both domination both indoor and out.

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you are looking for a gun that will fit all the bills, while being both very lightweight with all built-in aluminum, this is the way to go. We had expected the big rail to be heavier, but it is actually quite light, and is very easy to move around the battlefield. It definitely will not wear you out, even if you play for the entire day, due to its very comfortable grip. We definitely recommend that you check out this G&G predator!