The ammunition used in airsoft are small little plastic balls called BB’s. They come in different weights, sizes, materials and colours. They are usually composed of plastic, but they are also available with a biodegradable compound. Plastic BB’s are often used indoors as for the Biodegradable BB’s are used for outdoors. A good quality BB is perfectly round, smooth and consistent throughout each batch. Typically a brightly coloured BB is easier to trace than your typical airsoft BB’s.

The quality of a BB does not always show on the outside. Sometimes the interior compound of the BB are cheaply made and could potentially break on impact. These types of BB’s could be harmful to someone who is wearing a protective meshed eyewear. The weight of the BB’s can influence their precision. A 0.20g is a standard weight for airsoft. A sniper will usually use a 0.28g to have a maximum accuracy. Here is a breakdown of the amount of FPS to be used in agreement with the weight of the BB:

Up to 350FPS – 0.20g
Between 350 and 450FPS – 0.25 to 0.28g
Above 450FPS – 0.36 to 0.43g


Regarding prices, a heavier BB will be more expensive than a lighter BB. Do your research online and find a reliable BB supplier in your area. Typically, when purchasing the appropriate BB’s for your gun, go with the ones that have a reputation within the industry. Many manufacturers claim to have created “the perfect BB” however, do your research and find out what sort of reputation they have.  Many of these manufacturers will enter their product into competition for recognition. Research these manufacturers and the type of product that they produce to help you make your decision.