Choosing the right scope for your airsoft gun can be confusing and difficult. After extensive forum questions, we have noticed that most airsoft players will choose their scopes depending on their style of play and the kind of airsoft gun they are using. Here are some guidelines and recommendations we suggest in order to make finding the right scope a little easier for you. 

M4 rifles are probably the most common guns used in the airsoft fields and because of that, it can be intimidating trying to find the right scope for that particular model. We have found that most people tend to use a 1.5x – 4x zoom with the M4 rifles since their accuracy in terms of distance aren’t as good as let’s say a sniper rifle. A 1.5x zoom would be preferable for an indoor field where there is not much distance. The 3-4x scopes would be used for an outdoor field where the range is far greater than an indoor field.  

AK replicas are a little bit more complicated to find a scope since they usually require an add on attachment in order to mount the scope. After finding the correct rail system for the AK47, make sure the scope has the matching rail size as well. The red dot scope is the most commonly used scope with the AK47. It has can have different intensity of reds, different colors and different aiming styles. 

Sniper rifle users can be very particular and picky with the scope they are using since they are very dependent on them. The scope they choose depends widely on the size of the airsoft field. The most common scope used by most sniper rifles are the 9x zoom. 9x zoom for an airsoft sniper rifle is a little excessive if you ask me but some people think size matters... A great scope for a sniper would be that of a 3-9x zoom since it could adapt to a wide range of distances which could accommodate any outdoor airsoft fields. There is also the price to consider when buying a scope for a sniper rifle. They tend to be a lot more expensive when compared to any other style of guns. Also consider buying a scope glass protector if you want to keep your expensive scope lasting longer and ready to use on the field. 

I hope all of these recommendations help you pick out the right scope for you style of play. If you are still unsure please feel free to contact open of our sales reps through our online chatting system!