Preventing your goggles from fogging up can be the difference between winning your next airsoft game or losing it due to your inability to see anything around and in front of you.

Goggles that fog up are caused by the difference in temperature from your body heat and the environment around you. Even though your goggles can be fog resistant, they can still get foggy and ruin your game. There are many companies that provide anti-fog goggles and they all work to a certain degree, however, because we cannot always control the environment and surroundings around us, we have created a small list of things that you can do to help you with this issue.

Here are a couple of tricks for preventing your goggles from fogging:

  • Apply some dish soap onto the goggles and wipe off the rest of the soap until there no longer is any residue left on the lenses.
  • Rub a bar of soap directly onto the lenses and remove the residue with a clean dry cloth. This will create a layer on your lenses to reduce the amount of fog.
  • We have also heard that RAIN-X would do the trick. However, it is not something that we recommend as it may cause some unwanted issues. You only have 2 eyes, and a little bit of fogging on your goggles is not worth a Rain-X chemical burn.

Another solution to consider when thinking about purchasing your next goggles for airsoft purposes is to look at the many options available on the market. Currently, the airsoft guns and accessories industry has goggles that are made from a lightweight metal mesh with dotted view-ports. This will absolutely eliminate any fogging and although it may take time to get used to the visibility issues, it is definitely worth looking into.

I hope these tips help and they should get you back in to the game in no time!