It is essential that a new player becomes aware and keep in mind that they represent the entire airsoft community. Keeping this in mind, it is imperative to be careful not to discredit the sport, by being discreet and respectful of the laws during the matches.

Here are some recommendations for getting started on your airsoft adventure:

1. The parties must play only on private and approved grounds, with the written authorisation of the owner in possession of the land or location. To trespass on property, abandoned building or public parks, for example, are grave offences.

2. Under no circumstances will players display their gun replicas in public view (except at a special event such as a convention or license airsoft fields). In any situation (even at home, in his or her backyard), vigilance is a must.

3. The transport of replicas (in a bag or briefcase) or in a vehicle is possible, but their presence must be invisible to the public.
If one (or more) player has to temporarily leave the field for a break (for example, going out for lunch or snack), the airsoft gun must remain on the playing area. It will also be necessary to dress more appropriately in the general public not to cause a scene.

4. In any situation, players and organisers must respect the laws enforced in their country, in particular in regards to the purchase, possession and use of weapon replicas.
Wearing of an official uniform should be verified by their local police station. New players should pay attention to the outfit they will be wearing. For example, wearing a SWAT uniform in public could potentially cause some disturbances.

5. Players shall refrain from displaying uniforms of persons or organisations found guilty of crimes against humanity by international jurisdictions, such as those of SS units and the Nazi Party. In this particular case, it should be noted that SS and Gestapo outfits and the Nazi Party are banned, Wehrmacht uniforms are allowed as part of the themed airsoft games on the events of the Second World War. Naturally, for obvious reasons, players wearing these outfits will be careful not to wear them outside the playing areas.

6. All players should respect the environment in which they play in.
Please leave the site clean after your departure, respecting the environment and the owner who puts his or her land at the disposal of the players.

7. It is also essential, when players talk about their activity among themselves but also among non-initiates, to use exact terms: replicas or markers instead of weapons, bb’s instead of bullets.

8. Players and organisers will respect and enforce safety rules such as wearing protective eyewear (mandatory) and recognising the distances And FPS (Feet Per Second).

9. Although airsoft is a recreational and user-friendly sport, avoid alcohol consumption before and during games. Similarly, in compliance with legislation, organisers, and other players and for optimum safety, narcotics and illicit products do not have a place on an airsoft field. Finally, it is up to everyone to remain courteous and respectful of others (non-player, people practising or organisers) in any circumstance. More than any other, the air softer, because of what it can represent in the mind of the public, must be exemplary on every occasion.

10. It is also strongly advised to report to the various communities (usually city halls) to indicate the upcoming organisation or regular holding of airsoft parties. To avoid problems with the police, the head of the association or the team can go to the police station who will be able to inform them of any laws necessary for a safe gaming environment. Protecting the players from embarrassing or even dangerous situations (mass arrival of policemen believing they are dealing with a group of armed criminals, for example). The same approach will be usefully carried out with the local medical services (firefighters, paramedics, for example) to speed up intervention in the event of an injury (it may be difficult to locate the game in the middle of a woods or an industrial area). In any case, even if you do not intend to do so, never point your replica in the direction of a non-player or government staff (policeman, soldier, fireman, paramedic). A security professional will always assume that your reproduction is a real weapon and will act accordingly: listen and obey his or her injunctions, this is just common sense, but such behaviour has already been committed with dramatic consequences.