The G&G ARP 9, when first seen at the Shot Show 2017, sparked a ton of waves all over the Internet. Let’s find out what caused all the commotion and the specs that have intrigued millions of airsoft players around the world.

The first thing you are most likely to notice when you see this gun is the magazine. This large 9 MM style magazine (hence the 9 in ARP 9) makes it look nice and tight. It is super lightweight and easy to one hand and would be classified as a submachine gun if it were in the real world, running 9 MM rounds and all. Now you may be thinking that a gun like the M4 already has a high mag capacity and would out spec this. However, fret not, as the standard mag can hold 300 rounds! Yes, you heard that right. It also loads up fast and is excellent at feeding. The paddle release on the back allows for super-fast switching which gets easy to like in a short amount of time. It is also very good in CQB fights. Another bit of exciting news is that around the same time as the gun release, GG also released a wait for it, yes, a 1700 round mini drum mag that can lock into the gun. You heard that correct folks, so be ready to unleash destruction on the field while your enemies are busy reloading their guns.

Now that we have the mag out of the way, we can get to different parts of the gun. At the front you have a “loudener” which amplifies the sound for a nice cracking fire and will surely spook your opponents on the field. At the back you have a 5-inch lock in rail, which is among the newer rails that GG has been releasing. There are two lock sections on either side, as well as a couple on the bottom. You will also get one M-lock rail segment which you can move around if you want to use light/laser or whatnot.

The front and rear are both metal, which is good for wind and elevation. If you are going for close quarter then you could put an optic on to enhance the optical performance. The stock is a PDW style that can go all the way out or all the way in. When fully extended the stock feels very nice and has the cheek down on it. In closer combat you can push the stock back in for a more pistol style experience. The back also has a charging handle, which is double style and more aesthetic. This particular gun can also have an additional battery unit extension that can be purchased for your local G&G provider.

The rotary style hop up is very easy to get to so you can grab it and do the adjustments. The grip is nice and small so if you have smaller hands, do not worry, as there is no need for more than one hand whatsoever. The trigger guard is metal with some grooves on it and will give you a nice grip on the trigger. The fire controls are set up on the left-hand side, none on the right side but still easy for both left and right-handed people.

The battery does go on the back, accessed through the stock by popping the door off and getting inside the gun. There is a mosfet inside which may take some space however you can still get a 74 Li-Po battery in there so there is plenty of space to pack the right battery for the job.

You have full electronic controls through the trigger thanks to the mosfet so you will be able to set the fire at 3 round burst or full auto, which is super exciting! It is a big bonus considering the affordable price point and it will be a lot of fun for CQB fighting.

Taking this gun to the field you have the perfect features that are expected from a CQB gun, with responsiveness, high rate of fire, a large mag and the strong battery will allow you to even hear the loud crack this gun makes. It would be field legal pretty much anywhere so be sure to always bring it along to airsoft outings! There are many different strategies you can choose with the team as well as gun builds and conversions on the gun with the extended magazine. This would bring a completely different dynamic to the team on the field and would ensure a fun and competitive gun against those M4s and AK players. All in all, this gun is pretty much a super-pistol which on the field could wreak havoc while competing with many mainstream guns and provide the upper hand in situations such as CQB.

So, if you do happen to end up on the other side of this gun, make sure to be ALL your hits if you’re not busy taking cover from the notorious 1700 round magazine spray!