BB Speed Loader 100rnd Bullets


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Holds 100 BB’s
Looks Like A Pistol Magazine
Fits In Most Pistol Mag Pouches
Wide Mouth Fill Cap
Compact Size
Makes Reloading Mid-Cap, Pistol Magazines & Other Pressure Fed Magazines a Breeze

17 in stock


A handy device to help make loading your airsoft guns and magazines quicker. Simply fill the speed loader with 6mm airsoft BB’s through a swing out door on the top of the speed loader. Insert the speed loader into the feeding port of an airsoft magazine and press the plunger stem down repeatedly as needed. Ideal for use with mid-capacity airsoft magazines, though it is compatible with a wide range of pistol and rifle magazines including high-capacity or hi-cap magazines. Made out of a light-weight but durable plastic you can keep this close to you and will fit into pistol magazine pouches and such. Has a capacity of carrying approximately 100 rounds airsoft BB pellets.


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