Its been almost 365 days since we first opened our online store. This journey has been incredibly rewarding. The experience has provided us with many instances for error and learning. We have had incredible support from our local and online community and now is our opportunity to give back to you.

In doing so, we are proud to introduce our first ever (annual) giveaway contest. This year, we are giving our supporters the opportunity to win an EXTREME 45 G&G GBB AIRSOFT PISTOL. The rules of this game are incredibly simple. But remember that you have to complete all three steps to enter the contest.


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Contest End Date: FEB 18/2018

Complete all three of these steps and be entered for your chance to win the G&G extreme 45. In the meantime, take a minute and browse our website, you may find something you like. We are currently one of the biggest suppliers of the G&G brand within Canada, and that’s all for a good reason.