G&G HBA-L (M14 EBR) Airsoft Gun


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Top Tech/ GT Advanced Series- Non Blowback

Overall Length: 1193.8mm
Weight: 4500g
Gear box bearing: 7/8mm Ball Bearing
Motor: High Torque Short Axis
Wiring: Silver
Inner Barrel: 510mm 6.03 Nickle Plated Tightbore
Magazine: 470 Round M14 Hicap
Battery Required: 9.6V Butterfly, 7.4V Lipo Stick

19 in stock


The M14 has been brought back into service with the U.S. Military for issue to designated marksmen. Designated Marksmen operate on a unit level to fill the gap between standard riflemen and snipers. Although the venerable M14 has proved adequate in terms of accuracy it has fallen short in others; without the ability to mount the now standard accessories such as flashlights, lasers, optics, and a bi-pod. To solve this problem the next logical step was the addition of a R.I.S. to the M14. Aside from the ability to mount numerous different accessories the M14 HBA has a retractable stock that allows the user to adjust for the length of pull, which is especially important if the user is wearing body armor. The G&G M14 HBA The barrel has been stabilized inside the chassis for the best possible build and accuracy. The fit and finish on this gun are unrivaled. This is the next generation sniper rifle and G&G is bringing you the wave of the future.


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